Versatility, competence and professionalism – these features mark our company’s strength. We owe success in everything we deal with to the utmost commitment in the performed tasks and sustained process of upgrading our professonal skills and abilities. This allows us to permanently excel. Quality is our motto.

For the last 23 years our company REMARK is specialized in providing professional renovation and conservation service. The list of our referees includes numerous companies, banks, public institutions and housing co-operatives.

We are present in all the places, where professionalism and top quality service counts.

The range of our services covers a wide scope of tasks such as complex real estate service, including management and administration by licensed administrators. This service has been rewarded with the quality certificate ISO 9001/2000. Top Quality as a standard – it is our creed.

We introduce innovative services on the Polish market which include an antigraffiti system, anti-bird protection system and odour removal. In doing so we apply the newest, environement-friendly technologies.

We provide protection, both for you as in case of anti-skid systems, and your housing environment, thanks to paving block and elevation padding impregnation processes.

Everything we do, we do caring for the best quality of our services and satisfaction of our customers.

Remark has experience of over twenty years activity on the Polish market. It concerns following services:

  • renovation and conservation of plaster board, sculpture of stone and architectonic elements
  • making anti-skid protection using flame machine on stone (manual machine)
  • protection of buildings against birds
  • cleaning and impregnation
  • removal and protection of all areas against graffiti using (ecological system AGS – Swedish products)
  • repairs
  • professional cleaning service
  • disinfection, disinsection, diratization
  • removing odours

Remark offers:

  • waterproof, antistatic and ecological cleansing coatings, which help in conservation floors and parquetry:
  • wood – ecological waxing
  • facing made of PCV – protection, polishing, polymerization
  • lastrico – protection, polishing by bemsear with acril
  • anti-skid tapes to all kinds of floors
  • products for cleaning upholsteries and carpet’s facing using foam, powder, exactive system
  • regeneration and renovation of stone – grinding, toughening by crystalization, additional protection using waxing and polymerization
  • Anti Graffiti System – Remark is the leading company in Mazowieckie which specializes in them.

Z.U.W Remark M. Kołodziejczyk, 02-137 Warszawa ul. Radarowa 18 tel.: (22) 895-05-04

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